Dribble Across MN

Interested in our journey across Minnesota? Check out our launch video! Get involved & stay up to date via Facebook and Twitter.

Any way you can help would be greatly appreciated! Please know that your donations will be used respectfully & responsibly.

*Please note: ALL donations are tax deductible.

$10 sponsors a mile of the dribble!

$15 sponsors a soccer ball!

Post a photo of you with your donation & we’ll put it on our Facebook!


Estimated Budget Projections

Dribble across America project 2013

**Projections 1/5 for Unite Minnesota project

Support Vehicle: $600/month if leased or rented at 5 months = $2500

(A donated or borrowed vehicle preferred.)


Food/hydration: $30/day at 5 months = $4500


Lodging: (If not using host families) $50/day at 5 months = $7500

(Overnight hosts preferred. If interested in hosting please contact us.)


Gas: Estimating 20 miles/gallon at $4/gallon, needing 150 gallons = $250/month or $1250 at 5 months.


Shoes: 4 pairs at $100/pair = $400 dollars


Apparel: At minimum need running gear/ sun protection gear. Estimated cost – $300


Sunscreen: $100


$17,300 – Total estimated cost